It’s January and I’m already writing this. It took a while in 2016, to say the least. I don’t set goals, choosing instead to live with intent and meaning, but I do shift my focus each year as far as running is concerned. Here I go: what will I be focusing on with my running in 2016?

First a little recap on how I did with 2015. 

For 2015, I am working on three things that I hope will work together for a fun race in Medoc: the fastest 10k time possible, getting comfortable with 26.2 miles, and running with booze.

  1. Fastest 10k time possible? This was totally pushed aside by whooping cough. I still ran though. Did my best and got through it.
  2. Getting comfortable with 26.2 miles? Well, maybe a little too comfortable. I now think I am running invincible and marathons are easy. That was what I wanted and it’s what I got. It may backfire someday. I would probably be really good at slow and steady ultras, but I don’t really like long distance on trails. I’ll stay in the back of the pack for shorter road races instead.
  3. Running with Booze? Check. Yes. Best thing ever. Every race should have wine stops. Every. Single. One.

Medoc was amazing and I will be headed back there in 2017 I hope.


What’s in store for 2016?

Shockingly, I don’t really have an exotic race this year to train for, just a few Disney races and Ragnar Hawaii, so my focus will be on having fun and maintaining a good base. And some fundraising.

That’s boring, I know. Everyone is writing all these inspirational posts about setting goals, working hard, and getting it done. And that Huffington Post blog about how much pain you want determines your success is being passed around again. But yeah, I don’t believe for a second that happiness requires struggle or pain. And I can think of a million things worth doing that aren’t tough. I don’t need to be better than myself, you, or anyone to be happy. I don’t need to set goals and earn anything. I have everything I need already and choose to use it the best I can.

Sometimes I fall into a trap where I think the only way to become a better runner is to suffer through it all and stop having fun, to really go out there and struggle until I come out the other side. Those periods don’t last long. I snap out of it quickly, because I don’t really like running . Why I sometimes feel the need to be better at it is a mystery. Suffering through any run does not appeal to me. I want to enjoy the process, so instead of being tough, making it count, or digging deep, I just do something else. Not being the best doesn’t mean I’m not my best! I don’t need to be a better runner, I only need to have the best experience possible–injury free, full of fun, and able to run another day. When I’m forcing myself to train, my training suffers, my body revolts, and I’m miserable.

Without a marathon or a foreign race on the calendar, I am going to enjoy the process without a strict schedule. Run when I want to. Run as far or as fast as I want to. Stop and look at the snowy white owl I won’t tell the birders about. So far it’s gotten me out of the rut I was in most of last year. I don’t HAVE to run, but I will if I want to. None of this go out for 15 minutes and force yourself thing. Not surprisingly, I never kept going anyway! I am that person who would just walk back home defeated.

Really this means, less running, more life or perhaps making running fun again, instead of a chore or a job. It’s just a change of attitude really, refocusing my joy. I probably won’t get any faster this year or set a meaningless record, but perhaps I won’t dread lacing up my trainers. And I’ll be strong and prepared for Ragnar.


But also the fundraising. Its been a while since I have raised any money for Team Challenge and I will be back, begging you for money, this year! Just deciding which race. This is why I started running, but my own health has kept me from this aspect (there’s only so much I can do)! Fundraising is a full-time job and I’ll take it on again soon.

******So I wrote this earlier, and scheduled it, but noticed that Tuesdays on the Run is 2016 Goals. So please join in! The featured photo was taken by my friend’s husband, John Robel.

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