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From the Sammamish trail to a table a Noma, you’ll find me running, eating, and enjoying life.

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I “Run All the Races” so I can “Eat All the Food” and “Drink All the Drinks”

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Run All The Races

So many races, so little time…

NYC Running

What do you do when you’re in NYC, and have three days to get a proof of time for a marathon? You find a race. Even if it means taking a train. read more…

First Post-op race

Best laid plans, as they say…

I scheduled my first race, a half marathon with a gracious time limit, for two weeks after my 16-week post-op, which was when my surgeon hoped I would be cleared to run. (Remember, I have a history that meant I needed to be cautious in my recovery, so my VC didn’t collapse, or as we like to say: so my hoohaw doesn’t fall out.) But of course, my post-op was delayed two weeks, putting it just two days before my first race.

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Young Living for the Healing Runner

If you’ve traveled to any race with me, you know that I have a soft spot for doTerra essential oils, which I received for free at the LuLuLemon SeaWheeze race a while back. However, ordering more proved to a bigger challenge than I wanted to deal with and by the time I decided to order more, the kits had changed. Call it laziness. But then I kickstarted a nifty unicorn diffuser and decided I needed oils for it. So with some research, I landed on Young Living (mainly because a good friend was part of their sales force and I wanted to support her).

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Not running anywhere

I haven’t been running much this year, although I did eat all the food in New York City for my birthday. My endometriosis finally became too much to live with and I had a hysterectomy immediately after I returned from NYC. When I find a moment, I’ll post some amazing food photos! But first, a little about why I haven’t been running or sharing much.

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We go to Hawaii every year for Spring Break, not necessarily by choice, but it’s what it is in life with Artboy. This trip was a blur of Lava hikes, tiki drinks, amazing food, and great friends.

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Fish Taco Craving

I spent a good part of my youth in San Diego, where fish tacos apparently bleed from our veins, but I truly hate fish tacos. Granted I went from my childhood protest of refusing to eat another fish stick at a fancy restaurant around age 5 to not eating fish until I was 22 or so. I broke on raw fish and cooked fish still makes me gag a little (and fishy fish is a thing and a thing I don’t like).

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Love is in the Air

Last week, Artboy and I ventured out for our Anniversary and an early Valentine’s dinner at local favorite El Gaucho. To be honest we had a $75 credit that was expiring so we went and spent $600 (after the discount) on steak and wine! I know, I know, that makes no sense at all. Especially considering my current health! I figured I’d share a bit of the love we received from one of our favorite PNW restaurants.

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Who am I?

I know you want to know more about me, right? I mean you’re here after all.

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