Since my biggest traffic draw is not favorite restaurants, a race I ran, or even pug photos, but the posts on running with dermoid cysts, I figured a TMI update was due.

So in the midst of a shitshow of a January full of pain and suffering, I found a new doctor and started the wait to get in to see him. Super long story short, after a bevy of appointments and tests, I don’t have cysts again. I simply have fibroids and the usual endometriosis. And it’s finally decided that the rest of my lady parts can and will be removed. I’ve been working on low capacity (between cancer when I was 21 to multiple endo and cysts surgeries), but I’ve reached the tipping point where keeping pieces won’t help.

But, in the world of nothing is simple, I have to jump through a ton of hoops and procedures BEFORE the hysterectomy. WIth my travel schedule and my new surgeon’s travel schedule (we’re busy folks), a date has been set: June 6.

Wait, but isn’t that marathon training time? YessireeBob.

After finding out I would have the surgery, but before a date was set, I looked online for running after hysterectomy tips. I’ve already been through partial removals and similar surgeries, but wanted to brush up. Geesh, people online are insane. SO many people think if they run ever again, their kidneys will just drop out their cooch. So I asked my doctor and got the low down, which is exactly what I thought with one surprise: He told me to walk a lot. Walk until I was tired, and then keep walking. Pretty much the opposite of any advice I’d ever had from my surgeons. (No I won’t be walking a marathon.)

So a flurry of cancellation, deferrals, and ignoring registrations  has happened. France has been cancelled all together. Originally, we had decided even if I couldn’t run the marathon, we would take a vacation. Turns out you can’t really take insanely long flights after a hysterectomy (short flights mean getting up every 45 minutes to walk around to avoid blood clots).

And that’s where I’m at. Running is hard because the pain is constant. A dull knife jab in my lower left abdomen. It’s always there. I’ve started saying good morning to it when I awake. It does  not encourage me to run. When I do get out there and run, the pain subsides. Until I stop running. Then it’s worse. So much worse.

I’ve got Dark Side coming up, then Tink, and then my birthday trip to NYC to eat at Eleven Madison Park (there’s also a Hawaii trip and a WDW trip in there). After that, I’m under the knife (again), and will get to blog about my journey back to running (mainly just so people who wander here won’t be so freaked out by the scare tactics on the forums).

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