Today I am exactly seven weeks post-op. Not much has happened really since my last update. I visited Dallas, walked 3 miles, and prepared my training schedule for Dopey in January, which includes the Dallas Marathon.

Between my four-week check in here on the blog and five weeks mark, I rested up for my trip to Dallas. At the five-week mark exactly, I hopped on a plane to Texas for my friends’ wedding. As it was before the six-week mark when the likelihood of blood clots diminishes, I got to be the crazy lady on the plan who got up every 40 minutes or so to walk up and down the aisles. I also wore my Minnie compression socks for added support.

I knew my week in Texas would be wild and crazy compared to the five weeks prior, but I was not quite prepared for all the unexpected adventures (and yes they were hilarious, fun, exciting adventures, but my body was not quite ready for it). Luckily, I pulled through with mild discomfort, lots of leaking (I know TMI, but I could be more detailed), and so much exhaustion. I tried to get in as much rest as possible in between various events. I definitely felt my “cuff” several times each day screaming at me. All of it totally worth it to see one of my best friends get married.

I also started my HRT to combat possibility of endometriosis regrowth just a few days before I flew out. As you can imagine I forgot to take my new pill a few times. My hormones were raging, and mixed with the pain, I was in a constant state of anxiety, depression, or rage while having an awesome time. I also woke up at 4 or 5 am every day; I don’t know if it was the pills, the increased activity, the booze, the pain, or the bed. Hormones are such a wonderful thing!

I flew home at the six-week mark and have been taking it easy recovering. The first few days back were full of pain and painkillers. I started my structured daily walks back up and made it to 3 miles last Saturday (five miles total for day). I also started playing with essential oils to combat some of the hormone imbalance and pain issues (That’s a link to my independent distributor page) and got back to my daily vegan soups from Splendid Spoon (referral link that includes $25 discount).  Along with getting good night’s sleep, I think I’m back on track recovery wise.

During my walks, I am getting incredibly exhausted quickly and easily and have been experiencing pain on the left side (where all my stuff was–the lil aliens are still causing quite a fuss). I had minimal pain on Sunday, more just some discomfort (down there). With that milestone I put together a training plan to get me to 10 miles before my next post-op appointment, adding a mile a week.

I’ll still be walking every day, with one long mileage day each week. The other days will be three low mileage and three timed (30 or 45 minutes). This training schedule will all be walking; if that works and my post-op goes well, I’ll start running a bit at 12 weeks!

So that brings us to this morning, my seven week post surgery checkpoint. Just this morning, for the first time in weeks, I stretched a bit in bed without pain. Mind you, I mean that initial I just woke up and am straightening my body out kind of stretch., the unconscious kind. This morning there was no pain and I have zero pain on my left side at the moment.

I was told by someone that had similar issues as me pre-surgery that I wouldn’t feel better until the eight week point–I’d say I’m well on my way.

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