Achievement Unlocked: Dallas Marathon

Achievement Unlocked: Dallas Marathon

So I did it…that’s right, I actually trained for and completed the Dallas Marathon from zero to 26.2 in around three months. And I finished in about 6 hours, which is a good 30 minutes before the time limit and my projected finish.

I went into the race a bundle of nerves, but knowing that since this was really just a LSR on my training path to Dopey in January that I only needed to go 22ish miles to call it a success. The 6 1/2 hour time limit worried me, even after my 20 miler the week before came in under the pace needed. I planned on walking way more than I did. I kept my intervals up for the whole race (although I did reverse them to run less for a mile out by the lake). And I feel fine.

Friday was also my six month surgery-versary. My surgeon said six months would be the mark where I finally go a day without thinking about my hysterectomy. I am glad to report that I am finally pain free. I’m still a bloated swelly belly mess, and I still tire very easily, and I’m hugely cranky a good portion of the time, but there’s no pain. I am still getting some “pulling” on my VC when I’m on inclines, walking or running, and bending over or stretching, but it’s not actually painful. I definitely feel it.

So back to Dallas Marathon.

I didn’t just run the full, I also ran the weekend series, which included a 10k the day before. I also drank more Coors Light and fireball during the marathon than I have in my entire life. You know what makes good marathons? Alcohol apparently.

Several months ago, I was working on a project, and the publisher objected to a single phrase in a fully written manuscript. The exact phrase doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment. He objected to us mentioning terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and gun violence. He said a single mention of trying to find faith and harmony in a world that includes these things would automatically date the book, that this was a uniquely current situation.