Every year I have a new focus for my running. In 2011, I just wanted to run my first race and figure out what this running this is all about. Check. In 2012, I worked on my speed so I wouldn’t freeze during the Polar Night Half in January of 2014. Check. In 2014, I worked on growing my distance to the Full Marathon for Dopey, strengthening for the back to back runs, and finishing with a smile on my face. With lots of speed workout and temp runs, check! For 2015, I am working on three things that I hope will work together for a fun race in Medoc: the fastest 10k time possible, getting comfortable with 26.2 miles, and running with booze.

Fastest 10k Time Possible
I like 10ks; they are quick and easy even when I’m not feeling it because I stayed out late drinking the night before and need to walk the whole thing. The bonus is a fast 10k time can not only improve my longer distances, but can improve my corral placement for half marathons. I’d like to finally break the one hour mark and hopefully hit 57 minute. I know that’s not fast by most standards, but it is for me. My 10k PR sits at 1:03. I don’t know if its possible to hit 57 minutes, but I have a few of these on my schedule and will treat as a tempo run.

My 10k schedule culminates with the Seattle Marathon 10k in August, which I just happen to be an Ambassador for (yeah, I’m kind of a big deal!) Stay tuned for more details on that!

Getting Comfortable with 26.2
As part of my training for Medoc, I am planning lots and lots of long distance runs. My first full marathon is Seattle RnR on June 13. I have a plan to finish this in 6 hours and 30 minutes. That seems odd, right? Well the Marathon du Medoc has a time limit of 6 hours and 30 minutes and I want to take every one of those minutes so I can enjoy wine, cheese, and everything else that comes my way. I want to feel what being on my feet for that long in a non-Disney race feels like. Then I have 3 months to get in perfect form for Medoc.

Except I’m not stopping there! My season this year ends in November with the Seattle Marathon. I am debating if I will run one of the other Quadzuki races as a full as well. My Road to the Seattle Marathon heads through Seattle, Disneyland, Disneyworld, and France this year. I’m not really planning on breaking any records, but I want to know that marathons are easy, which is what I already believe.

Running with Booze
Yes, you read that right and I mean with booze not for booze! In this case, it will be wine. Artboy and I will be incorporating some wine into our water bottles. This is of course to prepare us for Marathon du Medoc. I’m looking forward to this part of training most, finding the right balance of wine and sports drink.

This is also why I’ll run another marathon after Medoc without the booze. One for 6:30 time, one for crazy fun, and one to see what happens if I just run or if I run multiples in one weekend (we’ll see).

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