Last Saturday was the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. I’m not sure whose idea it was to run a full marathon so early in the season, but we did it! And despite a horrible cough, lackluster training, and general unpreparedness, the marathon wasn’t so bad. We oddly met my original goal of being on my feet for 6 and 1/2 hours without even trying.

Between work, travel, and illnesses, this season’s training has not been so amazing. I’ve done my best, but really was a little underprepared for a marathon. I believe in my base and knew this was meant as a long, slow training run, so I went out there and took it easy.

Artboy and I had a pretty good race. The tunnels along the course are a little stifling, and my cough kicked in pretty bad. They were almost claustrophobic and I was even a bit dizzy. There was a moment around mile 25 where I really almost had to stop, but then we finally came out of the tunnel and I could breathe again.

I was a little underwhelmed with running the bridge. I love running bridges, but I thought it would be prettier, closer the water or something. I felt rather removed. And so hilly! Now that I know the deal, I plan to conquer the bridge during the Seattle Marathon in November.

Why I Probably Won’t Run This Again

  • Like all RnR races, the bands on the course help keep me moving. Since when I run with people, I don’t wear headphones, the music is a welcome break. Being at the back of the pack, many of the bands were already packed up. We heard a lot of last songs.
  • Street sweepers! Yes, with so many out and backs, we dodged a lot of street sweeper dust as the out side was being cleaned. I get that they need to reopen streets, but it was disheartening to see street sweepers and have the portapotties being picked up.
  • Those long out and backs.
  • Lack of volunteers/race workers at start and first part of course. People kept asking me where bag check was; I had no idea. There were no signs anywhere directing people around the massive Seattle Center. Once we got into the neighborhoods, there was plenty of yellow-shirted security, but it was clear it was to keep runners off lawns, rather than protect the runners. On one part of the course, tweakers were walking among runners, pushing runners and yelling about us disturbing their grocery shopping (no joke!).
  • The course is so much uphill! The viaduct is not flat!
  • No chocolate milk for the back of the pack. Sure it may have took me 6 hours and 25 minutes, but I needed more than a bagel, some sugary fruit, and orange Gatorade. All though, the volunteers who handed me thise were awesome! Super friendly.

Of course, I have been known to run courses that challenge me (hello Seattle Half Marathon) even if I was miserable. Of the two big Seattle races, I think I’ll still to November’s option.

Our race strategy since I am getting over a cold  with a lingering cough, and we needed to take it easy, was to run short intervals, walk the hills, and keep smiling. We managed all of those for the most part.  My cough was terrible after the race. As usual, 26 miles barely touched Artboy and he finished strong, looking like he hadn’t even run a mile.

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