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From the Sammamish trail to a table a Noma, you’ll find me running, eating, and enjoying life.

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The things I'll do for food

I “Run All the Races” so I can “Eat All the Food” and “Drink All the Drinks”


Where in the world is...

Traveling one perfect meal, band, or race at a time.

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Run All The Races

So many races, so little time…

Run with Me

Several months ago, I was working on a project, and the publisher objected to a single phrase in a fully written manuscript. The exact phrase doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment. He objected to us mentioning terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and gun violence. He said a single mention of trying to find faith and harmony in a world that includes these things would automatically date the book, that this was a uniquely current situation.

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My Voice

If you are  telling people to relax, perhaps you need to realize this isn’t just another election, just another president, for women, PoC, non-Christians, LGTBQ, or anyone deemed different.

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The Ultimate Buzzkill

I waited to share this story until I was sure no one was reading…so two weeks ago, I went out for an easy Monday afternoon run. I believe I was running four miles at a 1/2 mile run, 1/4 mile walk intervals. I was about a mile in, about half way though my second 1/2 mile interval when a bee attacked.

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2016 Epcot Food & Wine Plans

Not one to be thwarted by waking up at 2 am or running 13.1 (plus another 6.2) miles, I will not let a little thing like runDisney moving my favorite race to the morning (making it no longer my favorite race) ruin my Food & Wine plans. We made it through two rounds of booking and have a schedule fit for a very fat lush runner! Here we go…

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Summertime Rolls

So what’s happened in the last million days? I’ve been to Disney for Star Wars races, Coachella Music Festival, Maui, San Diego, Disneyland for Tink, Walla Walla, Disney World for my birthday, Miami, Puerto Rico, Vancouver,Portland, Leavenworth, and some places I’m certainly forgetting and not in that order. Now I’m home with my pugs and will be catching up on some oversharing.

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Tuesdays on the Run | Wear the Race Shirt???

I’m in the middle (really just the start) of crazy work, race, wedding, birthday, work, travel, race, travel, work something or other, but wanted to chime in on today’s Tuesday’s on the Run hosted by  Erika, Marcia and Patty. As Patty so delicately said, “Race shirts: wear TO the race or is this aheeeeelllll no in your book.”   read more…

Who am I?

I know you want to know more about me, right? I mean you’re here after all.

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