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From the Sammamish trail to a table a Noma, you’ll find me running, eating, and enjoying life.

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The things I'll do for food

I “Run All the Races” so I can “Eat All the Food” and “Drink All the Drinks”


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Fish Taco Craving

I spent a good part of my youth in San Diego, where fish tacos apparently bleed from our veins, but I truly hate fish tacos. Granted I went from my childhood protest of refusing to eat another fish stick at a fancy restaurant around age 5 to not eating fish until I was 22 or so. I broke on raw fish and cooked fish still makes me gag a little (and fishy fish is a thing and a thing I don’t like).

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Love is in the Air

Last week, Artboy and I ventured out for our Anniversary and an early Valentine’s dinner at local favorite El Gaucho. To be honest we had a $75 credit that was expiring so we went and spent $600 (after the discount) on steak and wine! I know, I know, that makes no sense at all. Especially considering my current health! I figured I’d share a bit of the love we received from one of our favorite PNW restaurants.

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Several months ago, I was working on a project, and the publisher objected to a single phrase in a fully written manuscript. The exact phrase doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment. He objected to us mentioning terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and gun violence. He said a single mention of trying to find faith and harmony in a world that includes these things would automatically date the book, that this was a uniquely current situation.

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My Voice

If you are  telling people to relax, perhaps you need to realize this isn’t just another election, just another president, for women, PoC, non-Christians, LGTBQ, or anyone deemed different.

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The Ultimate Buzzkill

I waited to share this story until I was sure no one was reading…so two weeks ago, I went out for an easy Monday afternoon run. I believe I was running four miles at a 1/2 mile run, 1/4 mile walk intervals. I was about a mile in, about half way though my second 1/2 mile interval when a bee attacked.

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Who am I?

I know you want to know more about me, right? I mean you’re here after all.

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