I’m back from my latest race just in time for Tuesdays on the Run.This week’s topic: Favorite Race Medals. My own answer is simple: I don’t have favorite race medals or maybe they’re all my favorite, so I’ll share my rack. Please comment, share, and link-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for this edition of Tuesdays on the Run.


My medal racks will fall off the wall soon

I have a lot of medals. I don’t know how many. I haven’t counted. Workers who come to my house always comment on them: Plumbers, Directv Guy, Internet installer, handyman, fence guy, you name it, they comment on it. They are in a little corner of my office, not in an obvious place; there is just so many of them all piled on the wall that I guess they draw the eye. Because of the medals, I’ve heard about failed 5ks and rainy first runs, tales of injuries and triumphs, but mostly people are just confused why anyone runs this much. They obviously haven’t been over to my friends’ houses where the medal collection is probably larger and more organized than mine. My collection pales in comparison to some of BRFs. I do love hearing the race stories from visitors.

I do love my medal rack

I love my medal rack

The runDisney medals have taken over. That small runDisney rack holds Dopey, Star Wars Rebel Challenge, and Coast to Coast 2015 I think. It was my attempt to create order and make the main one a little less heavy. Somewhere in the back of my mind, perhaps I thought I would run less races after Dopey. That didn’t happen.

I used to have a couple that I would show people when they asked about a favorite. They were the simple ones, the unusual ones, the small ones, but they’ve been lost behind all that Disney. It wasn’t at all about what was on the medal but where it came from. I just wanted to share a story with a friend. My favorite races have been in other countries, with great friends, or along favorite trails. Not all of those had medals. (Yes I actually run plenty of races without a medal.) I do have a few photos, but the memories are stored away until the dementia kicks in.

For a brief moment, Artboy put a few of his medals on my rack, but I took them all down and suggested he sell or donate them. They hung on the doorknob of my office until the knob started to sag a little. I told him to sell or donate them. He put them in a shoebox under his side of the’s bed. (He’s hoarder.) His collection is pretty impressive as well, also mostly filled with runDisney.

I’m not even usually the one who puts the medals on my overflowing rack. That’s Artboy when he unpacks for me. I’ve gotten rather lazy about unpacking lately. One of these days, the rack will fall off the wall I’m sure.

Do you have a favorite medal? Is it too hard to choose just one? Do you donate your medals? Would love to hear the story behind it all! It’s the stories that matter…

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