I’m currently on my way to a wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina. I wrote this post ahead of time, much like I wrote the last post ahead of time. Wrote four at the same time, so there is still one more surprise. Don’t want to post a million things on one day and then ignore my public for nine months, right? This is just a reminder to my two readers that the Seattle Marathon fees go up soon! Very Soon!
So some of my friends, both of the real life variety and those I waste time with online, were complaining about the cost of the Seattle Marathon. It’s actually one of the more inexpensive races I’ve registered for, but every one has their own priorities and levels of what’s expensive. To be fair I have paid the exact same price for the half in 2013 (registered in October) and 2014 (registered in June), as I did for the Full this year (registered in May), so prices seem to be going up!

Right now the Marathon is $90 and the half is $80. Come run with me….this is just a reminder to register for my two friends who need reminders! Yeah I’m looking at you.


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