For anyone still hanging around from my website or RunKeeper from the 2011 season (I accidentally erased all the blog posts) will remember my fall count and safety record posts. “No fall in five days” was a common one.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I only fell once in all of 2012! And it was a fall on a trail when I was messing with my headphones and hit a rock just right. It was a normal fall, not a fly like Superman, skidding and bumping down the sidewalk/street kind of fall. I twisted my ankle and it was fine after a couple days of rest. The bruise on thigh, hip and butt hung around for a couple weeks, but it wasn’t horrible. There was no blood.

Considering I fell at least a dozen times in the 2011 Vegas season, that’s an amazing feat. I had knee braces, slings, many many days of low impact exercise, and a whole lot of cuts and bruises. It was a rare run when I didn’t come home bleeding.

Yeah, I feel awesome.

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