Well, the cat is out of the bag enough that I can finally blog about it—Artboy and I are planning a Disney Fairy Tale wedding for February 2015. What? Yeah, an actual wedding. Finally!

Now, this isn’t going to become a wedding blog, but it’s Disney and it’s a huge part of what’s going on so I figured I’d share. Planning a Disney wedding is insane; so much to decide on and so many plans to make–a destination wedding on steroids as it will.

Now this plan hatched as a way to celebrate our first marathon and finally make it official.

We’ve been together many years–almost a decade–and have been domestic partners forever. We own a house together and have enjoyed the protections that being partners have afforded, but they’re gone with legalized marriage for all in Washington. While homosexual domestic partners get instant marriage, we simply have no rights anymore (after August 1) in the City of Seattle (although I assume in Santa Monica our Domestic Partnership is still valid). I will, for now, get to keep my insurance, but everything else simply vanishes (like visitation rights). ¬†Well, we could pay a ton of money to draw up legal document after legal document, and have those updated regularly as needed, but instead we decided to spend the money on a crazy fun party for a select few of our friends and family. Romantic, aren’t we?

So why not do it at Disneyworld (Artboy is from Miami) and celebrate our Dopey races. Well, as things worked out, we couldn’t get the dates we wanted–something about DisneyWorld being unusually crowded Marathon weekend, and Princess. So we chose a nice neutral date and are throwing multi-day wedding extravaganza.

Yeah, that’s right, a few of our closest friends and family are going to DisneyWorld to watch us finally tie the knot officially. So please bear with me while I occasionally interject some wedding planning rants or photos. I don’t blog enough for anyone to ¬†really notice anyway.


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