Yesterday I really didn’t want to run. With six miles on the calendar and no energy, I stared at my computer for quite a while procrastinating. Decided six was the magic number and ate a snack before I headed out. The rain started at about 6:05 p.m. I ran on. The rain got harder. I ran on. I mean, it’s Seattle, it rains.
At about the two mile mark (this was a slow, slow 2-mile in wind and rain over piles of slippery fall leaves), the sky opened up and the rain came down as if wanting to wash me away. I turned around, hoping to at least make it home and get four miles in. Mother nature had other plans for me as the rain came down heavier and heavier. My only goal became getting to cover.
I took refuge under the awning of a closed store with a couple and their baby. We all hoped the rain would let up. The gutter around the corner began to overflow onto the sidewalk and turn into a small river. (Why doesn’t Seattle have gutter drainage  I do’t think I’ve ever see a storm drain here.) I finally called for a ride to come get me. I was already drenched and shivering. The couple put a jacket over the baby’s carriage and took off running. I’m not positive that’s the safest action with a baby (I mean they could have picked the baby up), but they took off in the downpour.
Normally, I love running in the wind and rain, but last season it was a bit calmer. It was like running in a drizzle. I came home damp, not soaked. This season is starting to look a little gray.
In the end, I went to the gym and ran a bit on the treadmill and then peddled until the football game was over. I got some miles in, but it definitely wasn’t the happiest 6 miles of my life. This is the second time this week where the rain came down so hard that I couldn’t run if I wanted to. On Monday, I was still 3 miles from the house and had no one to pick me up. This isn’t October rain, this is late-December rain. It’s not making training easy, but I’m not truly complaining because I’ll be at Disneyworld in just two weeks running in Florida sunshine.
First I have to make it through 11-12 miles this weekend. Here’s hoping for a drizzle and not a monsoon!
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