I ran across a blog post on My Tan Feet ¬†about Beth’s 12-egg omelette and it brought back a few hilarious memories. In 2010, Artboy’s cousin visited the PNW from Miami, and set out to recreate Man V Food segments, including the infamous 12-egg omelette.

For lunch the day before the Beth’s challenge, we went to the Crab Pot and the boys let them pour a pile of Kristie killers all over the table. Yes, I’m allergic to shellfish. They tacked on their bibs and went at it. I ordered a Caesar Salad and ate maybe two bites because I was terrified of cross contamination. I was only there for moral support as they barreled through the pile of crab, shrimp, squid, and whatever else comes in the Captain’s Combo.

We also ate at Red Mill, following in Adam’s footsteps, but I can’t remember if it was for lunch the day of the omelette challenge or for brunch the day after. There’s probably photos somewhere, but I didn’t see them right away. Mind you, Artboy and I ate at the Herb Farm on Thursday night and went to the Melting Pot (for some odd reason) on Friday night, so we were rather puffy before the Man V Food eating quest on Saturday and Sunday.

Back Camera

Herb Farm Table Card

Regardless, that brings us to the 12-egg omelette. Mr. Miami’s main goal in Seattle was to conquer this food challenge. It looked daunting, but proved to be an easy feat. Unfortunately, there is no actual prize for completing the Southwestern 12-Egg Omelette, despite what Man V Food claims. However, we bought him a t-shirt so he could remember the night. Artboy also took on the challenge, but the night was about his cousin pictured below celebrating his feat! Mr. Miami almost didn’t make it, but he somehow used his second and third stomach to get it all down.


I’ve since seen various friends order and finish the 12-Egg Omelettes at Beth’s while ordering extra hash browns (they’re unlimited) after a night of drinking. To be fair, I crave hash browns and the best in Seattle are at Beth’s so heading to the greasy spoon is almost always my idea.

For those of you on a similar quest while visiting my neck of the woods, you can find the three Man V Food restaurants on this map. Also on the PNW Man V Food quest is Voodoo Donuts, giant pancakes at Stepping Stone, and spicy Ghost Pepper Fritter Challenge at Salvador Molly’s (Great Balls of Fire) in Portland.

I have no idea where the photo below was taken, but it was the night after the Beth’s challenge, and we’re out eating MORE FOOD! I figured since there weren’t any photos of me in this post, I’d share this one….



More food the following night


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