Since the love of my pug has been keeping me home more and some guy is attacking women along my regular running routes, I decided to get some indoor cardio in and started Insanity.

I did okay through the fit test except for the two exercises which called for push-ups. My second arm surgery was brought on by a combo of a silly accident where I banged my elbow and doing too many push ups. I was in some ridiculous challenge where I was supposed to do Max Pushups everyday. So I did. I was up to 40 or so a day. Until I hurt myself. I can’t do a single pushup now. I just started being able to plank again.

Day one of exercises was tough and I didn’t make it all the way through, although I did keep going and keep trying to do as much as I could. The yoga stretches were easy at least!

I felt pretty defeated until I got online at the Team Beach Body forum and saw that people in way better shape than me didn’t make it as far as I did through the first workout. I was actually on the forum looking for shoe suggestions, since I’m a barefoot soul. I thought I might need shoes, but instead found hundreds of posts about other people going through Insanity shoeless.

I know this doesn’t replace running. It does allow me to be in the house to take care of my pug and keeps everyone from worrying about me as I run the streets alone. I’ll go running with R this weekend. Maybe a back to back on Saturday and Sunday depending on how Chewie is doing and how long we can leave him alone. I do have a 15k coming up soon, but no major races planned for months. Hopefully, Insanity will give me a nice boost when I do start training again.

My second workout is later today. Wish me luck!

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