You’ve all heard me say it a million times–I hate running. Has that changed this season? Nope, not really. But am doing it? Yup, I am.

Last December, I ran 13.1 miles. Did that change my mind at all? I loved running with my teammates. I loved the lights of the strip. I loved my mom waiting for me at the finish line (with a margarita in hand). Did I love running? Nope. But I did it anyway.

Training is that way too. I have found the things I kind of like. I like running to a place, not in loops. I like to do 30 seconds of really fast running while counting my left foot steps and then 30 seconds of walking, but you can’t do that for 9 miles. I like running on trails. I like running barefoot. I like running at night. I don’t love any of it.

So where am I in my training? I ran/walk/ran four miles on Saturday with Team Challenge starting at Mt. Baker Row Club. Today, I am running as fast as I can the Turkey Trot 5k route. It’s mostly downhill and then I’ll climb the Golden Garden Stairs to get home. I’ll post my record breaking time later today. Next weekend, I’ll do interval training with Team Challenge and run 9.5 miles towards my distance training. So, I’m doing it. I’m just not loving it.

Why am I doing this? Because my mom has Ulcerative Colitis, which really does suck. What a horrible, terrible disease. She shouldn’t be in pain. I can be in a bit of pain and discomfort running all the time if perhaps someday¬†they’ll be a better treatment for her.

I’ll check back in later today with my September Turkey Trot time. If you’re on runkeeper, add me on your street team. I¬†need the motivation, and you’ll feel great beating my average times every week!

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