This isn’t so much as a race recap as a progress report. I ended Friday with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose–a cold–so Saturday I was a little unfocused. I forgot to take a single photo. I had a goal when I arrived at the winery, run a 1:20. I did that, exactly.

The course was a little wonky, but pretty and easy. I think this will be a great race next year. The finish line had a plethora of goodies and the other runners were generally nice. My only issue is we were on the backend of the 10k runners and they were starting the kids races, so when we turned the corner to finish there were cones blocking the course and only a start line. We stopped the cones and asked the “RACE OFFICIAL” where to go. He replied, I don’t know, they’re starting the kids races.

So I ran Chariots of Fire style into a line of children and hoped I didn’t hurt anyone. It’s was like a slow-mo red rover game. I would have hit a 1:19 had that little snafu not happened, but I wasn’t worried. Overall, I had fun. It was a good race, even if I walked half of mile five and six.I blame the sore throat.

As a progress report for my post-surgery runs, this is where I want to be for Dumbo in a couple weeks. I plan on pushing next week’s 10k a little harder just to see what I can handle, but the Disneyland 10k will be done at a 2/1 interval with about a 1:15 overall goal. After all, I have a half to run the next day.

I think we’ll start the half with a 1/1, move into a 2/1 after we’re warmed up, and then finish it with a 30/30 after I hit my wall. I WILL hit a wall. I haven’t had any long runs in ages. This 10k yesterday was the longest run since my surgery.

After I get through Dumbo, I have a single goal to get fast and walk less before I get to Norway. I need to yank about 20 minutes off what I think is my current overall 1/2 marathon time (I’m going off the 2:53 from Duvall as that was a painful run and I am running at about that pace now post-surgery). I can do that. I know I can.


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