I deviated from usual Coachella exploration today, as every musician I hit with my finger was a DJ (or a DJ group, why do we need so many of those?), and I just wasn’t in the mood for any type of overly produced and mixed computer music with guest singers crooning, no matter what genre (and I found several). I wanted a guitar. So I decided to explore Melody’s Echo Chamber, who is playing on Sunday, instead.

Melody’s Echo Chamber is one of those bands I vaguely know from the radio and spotify, and I attracted to the dream pop sound. Yes, another dream pop thing, but this time with an always haunting voice washing over a full band, so less electronic than Grimes who I explored a few days ago.

I’ve heard the guy from Tame Impala produced the first album, or rather worked closely with Melody Prochet on recording it, which means a good garage vibe over the french pop. I can kind of see the connection and enjoyed the collaborative final product. The second album is due out later this year, but the first single on it, “Shirim”, sounds lush and beautiful, and a bit more edgy than the first album. Since it  whirls and twirls lovingly through the air, I suspect more of the same sound from the first album on the second. With the freshman album out of the way, and a couple of years to work on new material, I’m excited to see where Melody Prochet and backing band wander.

I’m hoping MEC doesn’t have the same problem as Tame Impala: great on record, but so boring live. It’s hard to tell from the many, many live videos posted. Melody’s enthusiasm and seemingly genuine love for her music is almost contagious. However, the best sound system in the world can’t make up for lack of true stage presence, in the hot, hot California sun (I no longer see M83 live for the same reason). Artboy doesn’t have this problem, he will go close his eyes, or shoe gaze, happily, just to hear the music live. I need to either sit down (indoors or at least in cool shade) and enjoy the music, dance, or watch an amazing stage show, or my mind wanders and then I head off to the next festival adventure.

This may be where Grimes wins over Melody’s for me, as I keep hearing how fun her shows are, but I also have a soft spot for french girls and guitars,so who knows. Plus I really like Melody’s Echo Chamber, and I don’t really like Grimes all that much. I know, I’m fickle, and I’m really only comparing them because I recently explored Grimes for this blog; they aren’t even playing on the same day, so it’s not a choice I’ll have to make. I probably wouldn’t have made the connection between the two if they both weren’t playing Coachella this year and I wasn’t doing this freeform, no editing, exploring music and writing exercise.

As for the music, it all kind of sounds like the video, with some of it being a little more crunchy guitar than others, all of it incredibly intoxicating and soothing. That video is linked to a playlist, so you can click on it or leave it open to hear more songs.

Will I see Melody’s Echo Chamber at Coachella? Not if they’re (her, whatever) playing during the day and it’s hot. Maybe if she plays at night without conflicts. I have suggested seeing them  play in Seattle, but there’s no planned show! Melody’s Echo Chamber is playing Pappy’s & Harriet on April 20 at 11 pm, which gives us plenty of time to arrive in Palm Springs, have dinner, and make the drive over, so that could be a real possibility. While I love the dream pop, shoe gaze, ethereal, psychedelic, whatever sound, it’s just so hard for me to stand in the hot sun and enjoy, so here’s hoping for a prime Sunday sunset spot for Melody.


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