Who is Kristie?

traveling, eating, running, and…

Yeah, that’s me: Kristie.

I’m a writer and editor who loves to eat and travel. I often pull words out of other people’s head and mold them into books. You’ve read them I bet. I used to write restaurant and concert reviews in my free time (out of an incessant need to do stuff), but more recently I became a travel agent to put together groups for runDisney and food events around the world (keeping busy). I am still a writer, an editor, and even a designer on some days. That’s what I do.

  • Crazy Pug Lady 30%
  • Squeezable 25%
  • Stay Puff Marshmellow (wo)Man 45%

I have three pugs and a lovely man who I will refer to simply as Artboy. We finally got married in February 2015. My baby Chewie passed away after 16 years in March 2013. That’s who I love.

I survived cancer. I am surviving a hysterectomy due to endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and such. I live with IBD. My right arm is kind of weak thanks to two (yes, two!) ulnar nerve transposition surgeries. That’s what makes me tired.

I will spend more than some people pay for rent (month or year depending on city) for a good meal. I will pay more than that for an exceptional meal. I love to taste and rarely take photos of it, although I am trying to do that for my readers. I will travel thousands of miles out of the way to eat a single meal from a certain chef. That’s what lets me see the world.

Kristie Runs?

I started running in 2011 after I injured my foot and no gym would let me in without shoes. I ran without shoes on day one. Later it rained and I bought some huaraches from Xero Shoes. Later it got cold and I started training for a half marathon and bought some Vivobarefoot minimalist shoes. I run at night. I like to eat before, during, and after a run. That’s how I run.

Why I run? Because I love my mother and she has Ulcerative Colitis. I run for Team ChallengeThen I discovered that the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot has a half marathon. I was hooked. I run for runDisney. Then I discovered Europe has more fun. I run for wine and food during a marathon.

I’ve done a whole bunch of races now since my first 5k (Turkey Trot Ballard, November 2011) and my first half (Las Vegas RnR Strip at Night December 2011), and I just keep going. I don’t like running, but I do it. I’m a half fanatic (Earth #4730), and could be (qualified to be) a MM and DD if I wanted, so I recently added a good half marathon or marathon as a reason to travel! That’s why I’m in the asylum. 

But who is Kristie?

I can do a lot of things. Not all of them very well. I sometimes know more than I should. Sometimes I just don’t know at all. I don’t really know who I am other than Kristie. And none of that matters anyway. I am me.

Why do I blog?

I don’t generally write product reviews or paid advertisements (but will always mark any sort of thing as just that), although I will lovingly gush over things I love and bash those I hate. I don’t write how-to guides (well not on this blog and not for free) or offer advice on how to register for a runDisney event. Y’all do that so much better. I’m not really offering much more than a look inside my crazy, crazy head. Perhaps you’ll pick up a tip on what to do (or more likely what not to do) from my rambling.

I’m a writer; I write. And since I ask so many of you to give me money (well, donate to my cause), I should give you something back. And that something is a piece of me.

NYC Running

What do you do when you’re in NYC, and have three days to get a proof of time for a marathon? You find a race. Even if it means taking a train. read more…

First Post-op race

Best laid plans, as they say…

I scheduled my first race, a half marathon with a gracious time limit, for two weeks after my 16-week post-op, which was when my surgeon hoped I would be cleared to run. (Remember, I have a history that meant I needed to be cautious in my recovery, so my VC didn’t collapse, or as we like to say: so my hoohaw doesn’t fall out.) But of course, my post-op was delayed two weeks, putting it just two days before my first race.

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Young Living for the Healing Runner

If you’ve traveled to any race with me, you know that I have a soft spot for doTerra essential oils, which I received for free at the LuLuLemon SeaWheeze race a while back. However, ordering more proved to a bigger challenge than I wanted to deal with and by the time I decided to order more, the kits had changed. Call it laziness. But then I kickstarted a nifty unicorn diffuser and decided I needed oils for it. So with some research, I landed on Young Living (mainly because a good friend was part of their sales force and I wanted to support her).

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