I know I haven’t written my recap of the Tink Half Meetup or the Tinker Bell Half Marathon from a month ago. I also haven’t been running much or really much of anything. And I certainly haven’t been blogging about my lack of anything. It’s because of this little guy:

Meet Chewie if you haven’t before. He’s my baby. My 16-year-old beautiful baby boy. And he’s sick. I’ve been caring for him round the clock. He’s had some good days and some bad days. We’re in a round of real bad days.

I fell in love with Chewie when he was just that doggie in the window. Turns out my cat’s vet was selling him through the local pet store. Chewie (then David) was being raised by my vet’s cat who had just had kittens and Chewie was getting too big and rambunctious to stay a kitten forever. I visited him three times before handing over a ridiculous amount of cash for a college student while on my way to see Return of the Jedi.

From having to go home between classes and on breaks at work to walk him to traveling through Canadian woods and to Disneyland together, we’ve come a long way. He’s been with me through cancer, endometriosis, two arm surgeries, and countless broken bones. I’ve nursed him through back surgery and kidney disease, and now encephalitis. For the last 15 years and 10 months, he’s been my best friend.

When he got sick in December, I wanted to spend the holidays and his birthday (Jan. 3) with him. I got that and a few weeks more. I hope he gets better this week. I know I’ve had 16 wonderful years (give or take a few bad months) and I know I am lucky to have walked by that pet store every day….and I know that I’ll get to running and writing and all that when life isn’t so much in the way.

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