I should admit I’m not writing a recap for the Tink Meetup or the Tink Half…I was in the middle of a lot then and although the horizon has cleared, it is still hazy with other tasks. Maybe I will someday get around to sharing my Tink experience, but maybe I will leave that behind to focus on the future.

Oh, the future!

I’ve been working my way slowly through Insanity. I haven’t been able to commit to every day, but I am working my way through. Day one, I could barely make it through the warm-up and now I’m powering through the whole DVD, so there is some improvement. I don’t know if it will help my running. I don’t know if it’s making me skinny. I lost 10 pounds before I started and have stalled thanks to friends, holiday and deaths….So if you’re counting, that leaves 20 pounds to go. (Yeah my nerve surgery made me a bit hefty!)

I didn’t run the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle on March 2 as planned. Instead I said goodbye to my baby pug. However, without my baby Chewie who needed too much attention for me to go running, I am finally getting back to running.

I joined RunYourBQ.com and plan on getting faster. I may never qualify for Boston, but might as well try. For the next year, I am focused on 1/2 races, but will train for a marathon. I plan on running my full marathon about a year from now and want to be fast, fast, fast for January 2015, when I will run Goofy. My goal is still to remain uninjured and in tip-top shape for the Polar Night in January 2014, so I will keep my options open about going the distance before then.

I leave for San Diego in a couple days and then Maui and then Coachella. I’m holding my breath for Coachella and the line-up of my youth, of my dreams, of my passion.

And that’s where I’ve been, getting my mind clear and focusing on the next year of travel and running…so maybe, that’s where I’m going.

I ran a 5k. I ran a couple training runs. Slow and steady in the rain. Feeling the aches and pains of getting back into it, but plan on working on stretching and conditioning for the next few weeks while I travel. Six weeks from now, I kick in my actual training.


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