After the last WordPress update, I could no longer log in to my page…the admin and login page both returned the dreaded White Screen of Death! Alas, not a single one of the 226 articles with solutions worked. I had to reinstall wordpress on a different subdomain, export/import the sql database data, and then go through and fix all the broken stuff manually. It’s working.

So with just 46 days until Medoc and a whole bunch of days of stress until we leave, I owe you:

  • Gelinaz Shuffle recap. We had San Francisco Chef Daniel Patterson at Willow’s Inn on Lummi Island
  • Twilight 10k recap
  • See Jane Run recap
  • Vignalta Wine dinner at Artusi recap
  • Training Update
  • Seattle Marathon 10k Ambassador update (and some kids races stuff)!
  • other stuff….

I’ll get started on those right away!Ambassador_250x250_3

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