…I leave for Vegas tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be spending a couple days in Zion National Park with KH before meeting the team in Vegas. Having been slow fully recovering from the flu, I haven’t been training much, so I don’t expect a major time improvement. I have about six weeks between the Las Vegas half and the Tinkerbell half, so I’ll kick up training so I can kick some butt at Disneyland. Six weeks should be plenty of time…

…Back to Vegas. I leave tomorrow. I raised over $10,000 for Team Challenge – Crohns and Colitus Foundation! That makes me feel humbled as I head out to run. I’m grateful to so many of you. Keep the donations coming, every dollar is a step towards a cure…

…ArtBoy and I ran the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. A sore throat really makes running hard. We finished in 37 minutes. Slow but finished.



On Friday and Saturday, I ran a couple short runs. Just a few miles, but really working the hills–the horrible Ballard hills.

I feel okay. I’m not worried. I feel I need to get a couple runs in. But I feel good except this sore throat and ear ache, but that’s getting more sporadic.

I’m more worried about leaving Chewie again. Since ArtBoy isn’t traveling with me, he’ll only be without us a couple days, but we always come home to a weaker pug. He’s my baby and I hate to see him age. Tonight I’ll cuddle him and give him strength.


I’m ready for the chaos. I guess I like the crazy halfs where you dodge everyone and have a backup at the finish line…what can I say?

Well, my dining reservations are made and I’m packed. Boarding passes printed and I’m living in a jet plane. See you in Vegas.

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