This weeks Tuesday on the Run covers running uniforms. Unlike last week, where I couldn’t choose a favorite medal, I fully admit to having a running uniform. Please comment, share, and link-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for this edition of Tuesdays on the Run.

When I started running, I wore my yoga clothes and some old Nikes I had lying around. My boobs bounced and my feet bled. That lasted one run. A few months later I tried again, barefoot in yoga clothes. That worked better, but I decided I should probably ditch the soft cotton workout gear for some moisture wicking outfits.

A few things about me first: I hate wearing bras, never wear socks, refuse to wear sleeves, and think pants are evil. It makes choosing a running outfit hard. I started in LuLuLemon capris, which fit me as full length tights, and tops. I got stuck in the tops all the time and switched to Nike, all with built-in bras–can’t stand putting on a second bra.


this was actually a walk after surgery, but i pulled out some old yoga clothes for it.

I eventually put shoes on, Vivobarefoot is what I settled on. At my very first race expo, I bought a couple SparkleSkirts and never looked back–those pockets. Also, Fred Meyer stopped selling Nike running tops and I switched to mostly New Balance tanks ordered online. At a Disneyland expo, I bought my first handana and am always sad when I forget it. I ran sockless for a while, but eventually switched to Injinji toe socks when I was training for Norway. And that is my outfit, anytime it’s warmer than 42 degrees.

If it’s colder than around 49, I throw on a windbreaker over my tank. If it’s closer to freezing, below really, I use my smartwool or icebreaker jacket over a tank and add some capris under my SparkleSkirt. In the photo below, I have my go-to local race costume skirt for when I’m too lazy to get something together.

Friends, for some reason, question my shoe choice. I love my Vivobarefoots. I started barefoot (and am still barefoot all the time) before moving to Xero Shoes, which are basically huaraches. Then I settled on Vivobarefoot (although still love running barefoot and in my Xero). What’s great about the zero drop minimalist sole is I can wear them until they die. I have retired four pairs of Vivobarefoot (two because of gross, one because the sole pulled off, and one because of muddy Marathon du Medoc), but still have two in heavy rotation, plus two for treadmill and shorter distances, and one trail version that I use occasionally. I also have two of the newer models (same shoe in newer version) that don’t work quite right for me when I bought them. I’m hoping by the time the four I have are ready to die that the latest version will work again, or I can test out one of the other Vivobarefoot models!

And there you have it, my running uniform. I own somewhere around 40 SparkleSkirts (I’ve never counted, so just guessing), a bunch of toe socks, and a ton of running tank tops, mostly Nike or New Balance. I run almost every run in a SparkleSkirt and a tank. Sometimes I wear a sweatyband. The funny guy who walk in my neighborhood is constantly asking where my sleeves went.


I wear the same thing to train in as I do to race, although for runDisney races, my costume may mean switching a few things up, sometimes.

Do you have a favorite running outfit? Or a uniform like me? Do you fallback on comfy clothes? Do you dress differently for races? 

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