It’s another installment of Tuesdays on the Run brought to you by the fine folks: PattyErika, and Marcia! This week’s topic is Spring Race Plans. As part of my STOP REGISTERING FOR RACES year, I only have three Spring Races planned.


And when I say three, I mean five if you count individual races Star Wars Weekend (which I’m running for Noah’s Light, so please donate). But wait, if I’m running three that weekend, that means I’m only running one Princess weekend. And only one Tink.

That’s right, I’m not running the Glass Slipper Challenge, or even the 5k, and no last minute 10k registration. See, I got a free bib from the fine folks over at New Balance, and left it at that. I fully admit I am doing this race to get my Pink Coast to Coast this year, so that I will collect all three C2C medals in 2016 and get that out of my system.

I'm so bored during Donald that I'm eating a sandwich or something.

I’m so bored during Donald that I’m eating a sandwich or something.

I am not a fan of the Princess course. I haven’t actually done Princess before, but as part of Dopey, the Donald Half is the same course. And it sucks. It is a long boring run to the Magic Kingdom, and the a long boring run away from the Magic Kingdom. I am not a fan of that long boring road. Princess is in a couple weeks, so I’m loosely staying in shape for that, so that I don’t drop dead on that long boring road and get trampled by someone dressed up as a Dory.

Following that I am going to not run in San Diego and Maui before heading over to the Dark Side in April. After Star Wars at Disneyworld, I am off to Coachella! Then I’m headed to Disneyland for Tink and then Disneyworld for an early birthday before heading to Puerto Rico for a wedding. And that puts us in June, thank you very much.

P.S. I bought a dinglehopper yesterday. I am told this is a thing. Have I mentioned I’ve never seen Little Mermaid? But I have long red hair and so the costume choice is obvious.

P.P.S. Please donate to my Noah’s Light Fundraiser for Star Wars Dark Side Challenge. And May the Force be with you.

What are your spring race plans?

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