Welcome to another episode of Tuesdays on the Run, the link up hosted by Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice, Erika at MCM Mama runs, and Patty at My no guilt life. Head to their blogs and check out the link up. This week’s topic is the visually enhanced Scenes from my Run.

Seattle, as much as it likes to pretend it’s a big city, is a teeny tiny little college town with a few tall buildings in a downtown area that quickly devolves into suburbs and wilderness. It’s like Denver–population hovering around 650,000–not like Chicago, New York, London, or Paris, or even San Diego. With that said, I see deer, bald eagles, snowy owls, and snakes on my runs. I live in the city.

Also, we have a large bicyclist nation, so I’m usually getting run over by old guys on bikes on the sidewalk (on a road with a bike lane wider than my car) or being pushed to the side by bikes on the trails (the trail is 10 feet across at least, do they have to pass me so close I can feel their breath). There’s also strollers, pedestrians texting, and children playing tag. These scenes play out differently each run, but usually end up with me jumping into a bush!

“The” Scene

I have all kinds of scenes, but every single run I do from my house, I run to the same spot and take a photo, usually multiple photos. It is exactly one mile from my house, so if I’m having a bad run, I can cut back the shortest way and be home in less than 20 minutes even I’m hobbling. The spot is a very specific little corner in Sunset Park, which as you can imagine has a great view of the sunset, but I’m there all kinds of hours, so not all photos are of sunsets. I’ve been taking this photo break almost every run from my house for four years.

Those are from my run on Friday.

Those are from January 1. A sunset for the new year.

Those are from a rare sunny day.

Another sunset.

It snowed at some point.

For some reason in this set, I had 20 photos of my shoes in snow versus the skyline. There were more of my tree friend, but I thought I’d share my shoes.

Those are from 2013.

I think you get the point. I have hundreds, if not thousands of these photos. The same spot over years. I do run other places, I swear! Sometimes.


Do you have any favorite scenes from your run?

Tuesdays on the Run
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