So what’s happened in the last million days? I’ve been to Disney for Star Wars races, Coachella Music Festival, Maui, San Diego, Disneyland for Tink, Walla Walla, Disney World for my birthday, Miami, Puerto Rico, Vancouver,Portland, Leavenworth, and some places I’m certainly forgetting and not in that order. Now I’m home with my pugs and will be catching up on some oversharing.

It’s been a while…I’ve been sick. I’ve been traveling. I’ve been working. I’ve been busy. I know for most bloggers, being busy is no excuse; it’s just fodder for the web to soak up. But when I’m busy, it means I’m writing for money usually in between life, so writing for free is not high on my priority list.

I’ll share a little preview of the last three months.

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