I wish people would stop telling me that all I have to do is give up my daily Starbucks and use the money to pay for some overpriced something or other. First off, I very rarely complain about the price of anything, nor would I use the price as an excuse not to get something I need or want.

Whenever I see that for the price of your daily coffee, you can get this instead, I immediately don’t want that thing. Why are you trying to guilt trip me into buying your product?

But more importantly, I don’t buy daily Starbucks. I can count the times I’ve purchased Starbucks (iced Green Tea lemonade) in the last decade on my fingers–usually because someone I’m with wants Starbucks. I don’t buy lunch every day. I don’t eat at fast food restaurants. There’s no Jamba Juice nearby, so I don’t walk down and get a smoothie ever. I don’t spend money on crappy processed food.

So, what would you have me give up?

It’s been suggested I not pay for Hulu, Netflix, or DirecTv. Well since I’m not complaining about money, you are, perhaps you should stop projecting your issues on me.

I’ve been known to spend more than some people pay on their yearly rent on a single dinner. Or fly to a country thousands of miles away to run a half marathon. I can afford your product, but if you have to use guilt to make me buy it, then you know it’s overpriced and not worth the $2, $4, ¬†or $10 a day you want to charge me.

##rant over

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