Some days, you just truly need to sleep in. Sleep through practice. Sleep through breakfast. Sleep through the morning.

If your life is anything like mine, sleeping in doesn’t mean you’re catching up on all that missed sleep or that the bags will disappear from beneath your eyes. It might mean you were up all night, your mind racing, or that the dogs were crazy. It might mean you haven’t had a break in a while and sleeping in is not by choice but because you’re just exhausted.

I slept through Team Challenge practice and slept through the pugs early morning stampede. I slept through strange dreams and kids running up and down the street screaming. Or at least I tried to.

And now it’s 4 p.m and I have to go for a run. A long, long run. I like to run in the evening, but having slept in, I feel as if I already wasted the day. And to go spend 2 hours running seems indulgent. But I’ll go, right after my 20th snack of the day.

Here I get ready to get ready to go…

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