I am not training very well or very hard for the Tinkerbell Half. Life has gotten in the way. I am getting a few miles in when I can and when it’s not ice raining. I know I should suck it up and run in the rain, as I live in Seattle, but it’s 36 degrees. But a couple days ago, I strapped on my headphones and blasted the running mix (I’ve been slowly rebuilding it since my iPhone 5 ate it) and went a running.

My goal for the end of this season, my off season, and next season is to keep running up the hills in my neighborhood. I am the master of avoiding hills, because in Ballard if you make the right turns you could always be running up hill both directions. Instead of winding around the hills, I am running straight through them, right on up the hills. There is only one that has me beat and I’m making it 3/4 of the or more up before I have to stop. I will make it to the top.

With that aside, I went running. It was cold. It was wet. It was windy. It was beautiful out still. And as I pounded the wet concrete, I found myself smiling. Yes, smiling.

Don’t tell anyone. I think I might hate running slightly less than I used to.

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