So most people research a race before they register. They pour over course maps and look at their calendar to see how it fits it. That person is not me. I set my mind on something and make it happen, no matter what.
So when I decided to run the Seattle Quadzuki this year (that’s four half marathons in four days) I didn’t bother to research the Seattle Marathon. Not one bit. In fact, I never looked at the course map. Someone I talked to at the Saturday race (Ghost of Seattle) told me that the problem with the Seattle Marathon is that there is a monster hill, but its not the hill you think it is–it’s the next one. I laughed.

I didn’t know what that meant until Sunday. As Artboy and I headed up a hill, the lady next to me said: This must be the crazy hill. I laughed and said, no I think its the next one.

I thought I was kidding!

Seattle Half Marathon is hills. That’s my warning to you. It’s hills. The hills are tough and they keep coming. The hills suck.

But you will get past them. You might have to walk. Or run slow. You might feel like you will never finish, but you will.

I chose the hobble and try to have fun method. I also tweaked my ankle early on and the hills were literally painful. I may have cried. But I finished. And that’s all that matters.

So if you are planning on signing up for this next year, heed my warning there are hills. As for me, I may never do this race again but I might, and Artboy has sworn he won’t.

I didn’t take any pictures apparently. Need to get better at that. 

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