Did another short run through Saratoga Springs Resort today. Yesterday’s was much better; today the heat and a tinge of dehydration made it not great.

We did plenty of walking yesterday at Epcot for Food and Wine so I’m sure that didn’t help.



Last night, we headed to the Flying Fish for ArtBoy’s birthday “cake”–a five course dessert and wine tasting. As usual at these food and wine events, we met some great people, who I shamelessly hit up for donations for my CCFA run. Try graciously donated $20 per couple cash, which I’ll put into the system today! Thank you! And I hope everything back in Long Island works out well!!!

Off to meet some friends today, have to stay hydrated and try to not kill my feet and legs for the run this Saturday. I’m still a little nervous.

Off to the Magic.

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