On Saturday, I ran my favorite trail: East Lake Sammamish in Redmond, starting from the edge of Marymoor Park. This is significant because this section of the trail had been closed for a while and reopened recently.


As I made my way (slowly) through the trees, I enjoyed the cold. It felt invigorating and refreshing after this summer and fall’s intense heat. I was wearing a Sparkle Skirt and a Tank so it wasn’t that cold, but everyone else was bundled up. It was probably in the 50s, but people were bundled up like it was 30!

Everyone is different, but I am always amazed at how many layers everyone wears. I would sweat and then pass out from heat exhaustion. I’ve seen people running in their ski jackets, because that’s all they have. When I do need an extra layer, I prefer to go with Icebreaker merino wool or SmartWool, which allows me to add a single thin layer without bulking up. One proper layer is better than six summer layers for sure. I add that pink and black jacket over my tank if it’s below 40. I also have an Icebreaker running hat and gaiter if it gets below freezing, plus a pair of gloves (although my jacket has built-in gloves).


I don’t think I understood how much I love my merino wool until I was on a racecation and temperatures dropped. I had to rush to the running store to pick up a jacket. It was thick and warm, but I still needed a long sleeve shirt (the race shirt) over my tank. Three layers, which meant I ran into breathability problems–everything fighting against each other. I was miserable around mile six. I know that works for plenty of people though, so whatever is more comfortable for you. I’m just loving that its cold right now. And I’m not looking forward to bringing out the jacket, but when I do, it won’t be so bad.

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