It rained for the 2014 Wine and Dine, it rained during all my long runs for Dopey 2015 and at Dopey, and then it rained for like 3/4 of my races in 2015, including Marathon du Medoc. I am over rain. I’m not running in rain this year.

But I live in Seattle you say. Doesn’t it rain all the time in Seattle? Yes and no. It gets wet a lot, but rain doesn’t fall all that often. But when it does this year, I won’t be running in it.

As part of my enjoying running year, I’m not registering for local races until a few days before. If there’s rain in the forecast, I’m out.

If I’m out on a run and a few sprinkles hit my face, I’m turning around and heading in. Not going to push through soggy miserable miles. A little misty rain isn’t so bad, but when drops start to fall, I’m heading for shelter.

I have a treadmill so I can run if I want to stay dry. If I want to run at all.

How do you feel about running in rain?

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