My tickets are purchased, my hotels are booked (well for New Years and the Race, not the whole trip), and my bags are packed (okay not really). I’m really going to go to Norway and run in the arctic air. My biggest worry isn’t the running or the weather, it’s my shoes. I run barefoot. I wear minimalist shoes in most races if not barefoot. I hate socks. I don’t own socks. Well, maybe I have one or two pairs of smart wools from when I used to hike before i deiscovered minimalist that got swept under the bed and are collecting furballs, but I’m not wearing them. Did I mention I hate socks? And heavy shoes? Strappy six-inch heels or nothing, baby!

So, what am I going to wear in the probably blizzard (with my luck) conditions?

That’s what’s on my mind, nine months from the run! I only have nine months to figure this out.

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