As part of my returning to my roots in 2016, I said I was going to race more for charity. Well, I haven’t decided on a Team Challenge run yet for CCFA, but I am raising money for Noah’s Light Foundation as part of my Star Wars Darkside Challenge in April. I was already registered for this, so every dollar you donate goes directly to Noah’s Light. None of it supports my race habit or the expensive hotel rooms! I’ve got that part covered.

This is 2014 Rebel Challenge. Just giving you some idea of the Star Wars fun!

This is 2014 Rebel Challenge. Just giving you some idea of the Star Wars fun!

Noah’s Light Foundation raises money to support research for pediatric cancer, specifically brain  and central nervous systems tumors. These types of cancer comprise the third most common type of childhood cancer, behind leukemia and lymphoma, and the deadliest form. They have a very direct mission: Light the Path to the Cure.

Now I don’t have a direct connection to pediatric brain cancer. I have a direct connection to brain cancer through friends, but those are adults who can share their own story. But (this is me pulling out my cancer card and waving it, which I so rarely do) I do have a direct connection to cancer and feel that research into any one type can ripple across, finding new and innovative ways to treat cancer in general. And unlike breast cancer, other forms of cancer aren’t as pretty or easy to talk about. Children with cancer make people nervous, scared, depressed, which is exactly why you should donate today, because this type of research is so underfunded.

IMG_0803So Why Am I Raising Money for Noah’s Light?
Accept This Challenge, I do.

Well, my friend unknowingly threw down a gauntlet when she decides to raise $2,700 for her 27th birthday. I am traveling to Florida to complete the Kessel Run and celebrate her birthday. She’s a race walker, not quite a racewalker yet, so expect me to put some of my good racewalking technique to use. And if she wants to support Noah’s Light for her birthday, then what better gift can I give than a Star Wars themed birthday cake costume and supporting her charity. So I too am raising $2,700 for her 27th birthday!



What am I Running for Your Dollars?
The Kessel Run in (slightly more than) 12 Parsecs


I am not just completing the Kessel Run, which started in January at Disneyland, but I am running the 5k on Friday, the 10k on Saturday, and the Half Marathon on Sunday. That’s six medals in three days (one for each race, one for the Dark Side Challenge, my Coast to Coast, and the Kessel Run). Wow, bling! If I’m earning all that metal, I better give something back, and that’s where you come in: help me raise $2,700 for Noah’s Light Foundation. 

Every dollar counts. So please help a gal out! And may the force be with you!


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