Way back on May 17-19, I participated in a Racewalking clinic with Coach Dave McGovern. I went in pretty much a blank slate and came out with a new understanding of Race Walking Technique and just how hard it really is, but also how fun it can be. 

I knew I needed to get through the Duvall Double, so I haven’t focus too much on the Racewalking since the clinic. Now that the races are in the books, I am switching some of my training days over to Race Walking. Ideally, I’d like to do at least 2 days of each, each week, plus my long run. There’s no way I’m ready to hold the Race Walking technique and cadence for 12+ miles, so those long runs will be a combo of run/walk/race walk/get to the end, but probably mostly running until my technique and shins match my determination to get it over with.

I’m partial to this video because it starts out in Santee. These guys are fast!!! I couldn’t embed it, so I found another one I could. The following video is amusing, but not really very overtly technical.

and because I don’t think anyone should ever take themselves too seriously, I share this for your viewing pleasure…

So when you see walking funny around Ballard, you know what I’m doing. Now get out there and sweat!

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