This runDisney trip took about 12 parsecs. If only LA was just six parsecs from Seattle this trip would have been less stressful. With Le Mops having surgery on his neck just days before the Rebel Challenge, the leisurely runcation changed drastically. Artboy, who had already deferred the races, stayed home and watched the pugs. I headed to Disneyland with a friend, feeling like a bad mama.


Some fun in the park! Pluto is one of my favorites.

The quickie trip had just enough park time and some relaxing adult beverage time. Since we didn’t do the 5k and were trying to keep the stress to the minimum, we tried to enjoy the park as much as possible.


The 10k on Saturday was packed full of character stops. I pretty much just booked it (as much as I could behind the walls of walkers) from one photo to the next. I spent the majority of the race time in line for Chewbacca and the Speeders, but did get a ton of other great photos I need to buy from Marathonfoto still. Yes I ran this race with my hair down. I was dressed as Mara Jade, not that anyone noticed.

As part of the Rebel Challenge, I didn’t stop at the 10k and woke up at 2:30 am for a second day in a row. The Half Marathon on Sunday was more of the same character and running-wise. With all the crazy before I left, I threw on last year’s Ewok shirt and called it a costume. I was the hopper in the half, running ahead to photos while friends took it easy. I stopped for all the photos except Boba Fett and Chewbacca (because when I went by he was at just under an hour already).

C3PO left while I was in line, so I grabbed a couple selfies with R2D2 while the photographer was on break and headed towards BB8. Oh that line. The addition of the photo scenes were great and I hope runDisney does more of that in future races. Once out of the park, I slowed down and took it easy, did some walking with my friend who was having a rough time of it, loved the 501st Cosplayers, and finished strong.

Then it was more park time, some food, some drinks, and I made it home again. We went on Hyperspace Mountain a billion times in between all of that.


I am a huge fan of the Star Wars courses. They spend plenty of time in the park and the city (except mile 10) seems quick and easy. There is no Angel Stadium or Trail, but I actually prefer that. For some reason I feel slower having to run to and from the stadium.

This is by far my favorite Disneyland race and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Did you run the Rebel Challenge?



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