I know, I know, I owe y’all a post about the Polar Night Half, but between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and now Disneyland, I haven’t had a moment to breathe, nonetheless look at photos and post a blog! It was awesome; I’ll post more later.

What I really wanted to stick up here was a little thing that has been floating around me head lately. What I learned about and from running in 2013….

  1. That I can run a whole race without stopping to pee (or other bathroom stops).
  2. That I can run a whole race without carrying any liquids, but that some races you have to (I’m looking at you Dumbo Double Dare out of water!!!!!! and boiling hot water!!!! and Vegas with the no electrolytes until the 7th mile, seriously!)
  3. My favorite race pick me up is EnergyBits (use code PugLife for 25% off). Vegan. Small. And easy. I use them exclusively for all my races.
  4. If you give Artboy Recoverybits (again use code PugLife for 25% off), he won’t get hangovers and be nasty all  morning.
  5. Flying domestically and intercontinental in Europe is a million times better than flying domestically in America. No overbooked on purpose flights. Common sense boarding (not the Alaska Airlines if you have a bag that you will put under your seat, you can board first crap).
  6. Noma is good, but Geranium is better.
  7. I like going to Disney better than running Disney, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop.
  8. I’ll never hit that runner’s high, but I will fall occasionally.
  9. Running in extreme cold is better than running in slight heat.
  10. Running in “shoes” makes me more sore than running barefoot or minimalist.
  11. More people need to worry about themselves and not about other people and what those other people do (unless that person is hurting them physically).
  12.  The Internet makes me angry, no matter where I am on it, so I have started to mostly avoid all groups, forums, and comment sections. I falter sometimes.
  13. Being a plant-based runner makes me happy, mentally, emotionally, and physically (damn that steak I was tricked into eating in Vegas), but I do still love Carne Asade when I’m not training.

I had a good running year. I finished my 14th half marathon and ran my 1st 10k and my 10th! I joined Half Fanatics even though I qualified in 2012. I still don’t really love running. I hate training. But I do like races (most of them), and not because I actually race, because I don’t; I’m slow. I like races because of the experience. To travel to run is just another excuse, like eating at great restaurants and going to music festivals.

And the friendships that I’ve made through running are amazing! We might be a slow(er) bunch in general, but we have fun and are a little fanatical!


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