It really is all about the music. I started this season with a new training program that focused on run/walk intervals. My arm still gets a little tender being bent for long periods, so I’m keeping the run intervals short so I can stay out longer. The new program came with its own music. It’s generic techno music, more towards the progressive house flair of years long ago. I’ve been running and walking okay to that, but I never felt great, never really got motivated.

On Wednesday, I went out for a quick 3 mile run and instead of doing  times intervals, I decided to just run until I couldn’t breath or my arm needed a rest. It was only three miles, so I wasn’t worried about not being able to finish if my arm was sore. I popped on my old running mix, which immediately kicked in some Lords of Acid. That was followed by Scissor Sisters. I felt like I was flying down the street. After a slow 5 minute warm up walk, I just ran. I hit a bunch of lights as Ballard traffic sucks, but I kept it steady. In the end, I wasn’t really any faster, but I felt better. I felt like I was faster and that I could breath.

About 2.5 miles in to the run, some seventies punk pulled up (I stuck some compilation in my mix last year that had some 300 songs, many of which need to be weeded out). It was good music, but not running music. I slowed down. I got tired. I lost my motivation.

I don’t know how people run without music. And it really pisses me off when runners attack other runners who run with headphones. To each his own. Personally, music motivates me, keeps me going for one more song. I don’t get lost in my head when I’m running; I get lost in all my thoughts that tumble out and around and down binding my legs and making my feet heavy. I’m not lost in music either, but my thoughts are distracted enough to stay quiet for a while. I can still hear and sense the cars and the street and the world, but I’m doing it with a smile on my face.

I forgot about my dancing on my long runs last year, but I’ve been reminded. Today, I’m going out there to do four miles and I’ll probably do a jig or two, or more likely some hand banging, down the road.

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