I was surfing around the internet, mindlessly being mindless, when the latest #sponsored campaign bombarded me with Sous Vide happiness and I clicked a link. I am not getting paid for telling you about this, nor am I getting a free product from the company; I am not #sponsored, but I am having dreams of being the next Thomas Keller. A while back I bought Artboy a book full of fancy food photos disguised as a cookbook: Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide and ever since I have dreamed of cooking everything like I work at the French Laundry. And the Mellow promises me that I can sort of do that, no vacuum sealer required. (This link is my referral link)

presskit3There have been a bunch of Kickstarters recently with home Sous Vide machines, most notably Nomiku, which allows you stick something in a pot and have that thing control your water temp (from what I can tell). See none of them have excited me, and none of them have inspired me.

The Mellow is a standalone container cooker  that I can leave on my counter and throw in food sealed in one of the self-sealable bags (included and available for purchase in the app) whenever I feel like it. It also works like a wi-fi connected crockpot. It will keep your food fresh until ready to cook and then have it ready for dinner (or when you get home from work). I can seal, drop, and forget, unless I need to make a change (like delay dinner),  which I should be able to do from my phone.

So Globe Artichokes a la Barigoule are in my future. Well I put down a pre-order reservation with a fee of $299 for 2016 shipping. I won’t be charged until shipping, so that’s what snagged me. I have plenty of time to reconsider, shop around, find the perfect counter spot, and plan my long list of sous vide dishes I will cook next year! Compressed Watermelon and Hayden Mango Yolk, here I come.

I’m hoping the final product lives up to the very nicely designed website. Meet Mellow and make a reservation for yours. (Yes that link has a referral code. After my pre-order I received a referral code to pass on for a discount on my machine, which I already orders so am not relying on a discount. The photo and video are from the Mellow press kit. If you use my referral link and promo code coolallthefood, you’ll receive $50 off through the end of October 2015. Then you can pass your referral link on! Happy cooking!


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