So in the middle of all the crazy that was my November, something super exciting happened: Gametiime morphed into FitFam and launched its first two events! And, drumroll please, I have signed on to promote the mission as an Ambassador.

Achieve your impossible.

FitFam is working to build a community of people committed to being the best possible, a family. The community is full of runners, bikers, walkers, crossfitters, and people just generally interested in getting off the couch and moving, from beginners to elite athletes. As part of this community, I have found a positive group ready to motivate in so many different ways. While I am fine when I go it alone, I love when a group of people add to my experience and bring it to a whole new level.

On the money making side (have to pay the bills), FitFam is helping companies reach the fitness community and with team building through virtual events. In essence, they are taking the popular virtual race model and refining it into a tool that doesn’t just connect companies with an audience, but provides a quality event complete with interactive engagement and goodies for the participants. These are fun virtual events with quality merchandise and prizes.

Participants commit to a fitness goal, connect with hundreds of others in a nationwide online community, get exclusive event merchandise, win awards and prizes, and benefit worthy causes.

Gametiime still exists in there as well, helping connect people to races in an interactive and easy to navigate database interface. I don’t know where this portion of the FitFam will head in the future, but it’s still an amazing way to find events.

Founded by best friends Jon Tam and Don Le from Seattle, FitFam provides a turnkey platform for brands to host virtual events. Jon and Don have been very active in the Seattle running community and are constantly working on ways to inspire people to live healthy and stay active! FitFam officially launched on November 10 (I was somewhere between Florida and California I think) and has a bright future.

At the moment, FitFam is just getting started, so they need you! Join the conversation, get involved, check out their events, and tell your friends.


Promo Code: BeYourBest10 gets you 10% off both of these races
January 15-18 FitFam Challenge – Join Team Pugnacious! register before December 7
February 5-8 Nuun Year Dash 2016 – register before January 5 Benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation

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