….yes, I know, it’s been a while. I have been absolutely swamped with work, running, and, well, work. It feels like I work more hours than I have available. I know you’re supposed to find the time to do whatever your heart desires, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

FUNDRAISING: I hot my minimum. I hit VIP. I’m $50 away from $8,000 and just a couple thousand dollars away from $10,000, which is my goal. You can donate! You should donate: http://www.active.com/donate/vegasNWS13/kristie

RUNNING: I ran a 10k the other day and broke the 12 minute mark in a race for the first time since before my first arm surgery…..It felt good. I’m on my way to a 10 minute mile….on my way…..

LIFE: Well, I’m in San Diego right now (for work) and getting a chance to spend some time with my mother. It’s been really busy, and really hot. I ran 4 miles today in 88 degree weather (it cooled down near the end when the sun started to go down). I’ve enjoyed Lolita’s and MJ’s Deli, and will head to Romesco’s either tomorrow or Friday. Yes, food. Work and food.

UPCOMING RACES: Somehow, I ended up signing up for not one but three new half marathons. In four days! It’s the Turkey Triple over Thanksgiving weekend, three of the four Seattle Quadzuki races. I don’t know how I did this…tripped and registered? That will be seven half marathons in four months, from Wine & Dine on November 10 to Tinker Bell in January! What, that’s crazy!

I know this isn’t much of an update, but it’s a quick little fill in on my¬† crazy, crazy life!!!

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