I may not like running, but I know when I’m behind in training. I did two 3 mile walks (with a zoo visit in between) on Sunday. The all walking 3-miles was actually faster than the I’ll run a little and see how I feel 3 miles. Tomorrow I aim for five (walking again)!

I wasn’t using any particular racewalking style or form in my 3 mile walk, just kept my feet rolling and my arms pumping a little. I know that racewalking is just as off my list as running is right now, but I can adapt. I don’t how long I could sustain good form right now regradless. The running wasn’t so bad, but it’s super comfortable either.

For Dumbo Double Dare, I need to be under a 16-minute pace. I know I can do that. I think. If my 3 mile test run/walks are any indication, I might as well walk the whole race. I have a month to figure that out.

Yes a month. Seems to be a theme when it comes to my Doubles. One month to train.

Luckily, I have five months to bring my pace back to 11-minutes or so. Got to be fast for running in the snow in Norway.

In the mean time, I’ll just breath. and work on fundraising (Have you donated yet? active.com/donate/vegasNWS13/kristie)


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