Today’s Weight: 148.4 pounds
Optimal Race Weight: 120 pounds (or less)
Happy Weight: 130 pounds

Six pounds in two months isn’t much of a weight loss, is it? Well, to be fair, I gained another 10 pounds somehow before I started my offseason dieting! How did that happen? I blame Carthay Circle at Disneyland, or the Blue Bayou, or Uva Bar (five times), or ummm yeah I ate a few boxes of thin mints. This was during my training. My offseason pales in comparison! So it’s Actually a 14 pound weight loss since January 22. That’s not so bad.

I’m running here and there. I’m working on Insanity. I’m enjoying myself. Next week I go to Maui and then to Coachella the following week. When I return, I begin the next phase of my training: Run Your BQ!





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