Two things happened yesterday, which may or may not be related.

1) I discovered that at some point I purchased a Hot Hot Heat ep from my iPhone. It says right there in the iTunes cloud that it was purchased from MY phone. Hmmmm.

2) I tried to run 9.5 miles in Seattle’s hot hot heat. It was probably high 70s, maybe low 80s. It was fine in the shade, then I turned onto Greenwood headed towards Phinney and the sun bounced off the concrete and the asphalt and I almost died. I don’t do well in heat or under the sun. It’s why we sit on the shady side of the stadium in the club level to watch the Sounders.I did struggle through almost 9 miles–the slowest miles ever. I did some intervals in the middle so I don’t feel like a total waste. My favorite interval training 30 second of running counting my left foot strikes, then 30 seconds of walking. Repeat four times or so making sure to add 3 or 4 left foot strikes each time. It’s quick, it gets your heart going, and it’s harder than you think when you’re already exhausted and nauseous from the hot hot heat.


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