So for the last however long, some of you have known I was getting married, but the location was super secret. See, we wanted the wedding to be a total surprise for our guests, so I couldn’t talk about it online. Well the cat is out of the bag. While the actual ceremony was held at Seabreeze Point, the reception was at the Great Movie Ride. Yes, inside the ride.

While I posted a bunch of fun photos from the event, I wanted to share some details for my DFTW planner friends. We had all of our floral and catering done by Disney. The only outside vendor was the photographer.

Seabreeze Point was made up to look like a movie premier, complete with red carpet and can lights. We wanted to keep things romantic and natural, so didn’t add any extra lighting inside. The rose petals completed the red carpet inside the gazebo. We also had a acoustic guitar player for the ceremony.


Not the best photo of me but this was our car and driver for the evening. We went with the Vintage Cadillac.

For cocktail hour, we had the first of our specialty cocktails served in mugs. It was prohibition after all! Originally we requested the drinks to be in paper bags, but that didn’t make it in. We kept things minimal here. The tallboy tables had feather boas wrapped around them, while the seated tables had small white flower bouquets. My flower choice wasn’t available, but they were still beautiful.


This was the Western Scene where we held dinner. These were our centerpieces and table settings. We had a sweetheart table for us to sit at. The Horsehead was on the buffet! We kept things country with burlap overlays and daisies. The specialty drink was served in jars.

For dessert (cake), we headed to the Wizard of Oz room. The specialty drink were candy flavored neon drinks in glow martini glasses. There were several colors! A candy bar set up here also moved with us to the final room. We used paper flowers to match the Oz vibe. Dorothy’s ruby red slippers were reflected in the table cloth under the cake, which was strewn with edible film clips.

We turned the final room (the black room) into a speakeasy with jazz trio and leather couches and chaise. We also had normal table for people to sit at with movie themed centerpieces. Mickey and Minnie wore their director and movie star outfit. While the Great Movie Ride movie did play when we entered the room, we had the stars left on for the night.

The following night we held a dessert party for Illuminations fireworks at Epcot. We had hats placed on the tables as centerpieces and as take home. We brought the glow necklaces our selves and handed them out. We did beer and wine open bar with a hamburger bar, fries, popcorn bar, milk shake bar, and dessert.

And that is our details….thanks to the Disneymooners for all your help in planning this!




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