I don’t write here as much as I should. It’s almost oppressive to put down on this little blog that my training is not going as planned. I have been sidelined by medical issues. Unexplainable medical issues or just an extension of the good ol’ endometriosis crawling into other parts of my body and life.

I’ve spent the last few weeks being poked and prodded and generally treated like an alien abductee. Everything came back normal. My GI doctor suggested that I take probiotics as if I haven’t been taking them for months, if not a year. As if that is going to stop this crazy intense pain that leaves me sitting in a chair dazed and confused. This pain is different from the pain I’ve lived with basically my whole life. I’m back to yet another doctor today.

Meanwhile, I’ve been running as much as I can. Trying to run at least a mile every day. Some days are fine. Some days suck. My long runs aren’t going so well. So instead of suffering through another long run, I run hills and try to run one really, really fast mile. Then I can just walk home. Not that I’m not doing my long runs, I’m just not adding extra mileage each week as I should be. I spend a good portion of the run in pain. Or I walk half of it. But I’m out there….

I’ll be out there today……after that doctor’s appointment.


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