Last year, I decided to run a last minute 5k so I could eat! No surprise there. And while I expected the food to be amazing in the Ethan Stowell hosted event, I didn’t expect the 5k to be so organized, as most 5ks I run don’t have chip timers nor even a real finish line, and those don’t have food fests that follow! Plus, the Fetal Health Foundation is a truly worthy cause to support. With Eat Run Hope, I stumbled upon a great 5k all on its own with the bonus of an amazing food (and drink) fest. This year, you should join Team Pugnacious for this great event and cause.


We didn’t take very many photos…..well just this one actually.

Last year, I was sick or something, so I couldn’t enjoy the food or drink as much as I would have liked. I handed off my drink tickets to someone else. I did, however, win a $20 gift card to Poquito’s! Being sick, also meant that the 5k was a little slow, but Artboy and I ran into a friend and she kept me going with some intervals. (Plus for some reason I had been doing a ridiculous amount of squats while sick to compensate for not doing anything else and my legs hurt.) The stars definitely didn’t align for me last year, but I still had an amazing  time.

So what is this Eat Run Hope

  • Eat – Some of Seattle’s best chefs offer delicious and unique tastings that represent their restaurants. There is booze too. Last year, there was a tasty bourbon drink, along with wine and micro-brew pairings.
  • Run – A pretty easy (not flat) 5k around Magnuson Park. Super kid friendly, this 5k is fun but has the usual Seattle competitors running their fastest. After the 5k, watch some of the chefs and their friends race a beer mile!
  • Hope – All proceeds benefit the Fetal Health Foundation, a leading resource for supporting, fighting, and ending fetal syndromes. A portion of the fund benefits the Nathanael & Gabriel Stowell Memorial Research Grant through the Fetal Health Foundation.

Run with Team Pugnacious

Join Team Pugnacious and run on June 28. There is no commitment to joining our team, other than having a great time. You don’t even have to run with us. Fundraising is optional, but consider at least making a donation yourself.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can register and join the team here. This is for the 5k and Eat:

If you’ve already registered, you can join the team here:

Don’t want to Run


If you don’t want to run, you can buy tickets just to the Eat portion of the event. You can still join Team Pugnacious and even fundraise if you’d like. Or you could donate to me or the team to support Fetal Health Foundation.

I am not a 5k person, but Eat Run Hope is one I can see myself doing year after year. Because after all, I run for dinner!

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