We finally made it over  to Culture Club Cheese Bar in Capitol Hill to enjoy our Kickstarter awards. Two pairings. I chose white and Ricky chose red.

Culture Club has been holding special events like flaming parm, raclette night, and meet the cheesemakers. Head over to the Facebook page for more info. We actually went to a dry run of brunch that they’ll start offering in April.

When I backed the Kickstarter, Calf and the Kid owner Sheri Lavigne was hoping to open a place in Ballard. Unfortunately that fell through and she stayed on the hill. The new cheese bar has been open a few months but we never go to the hill, and I’ve been traveling so much, so it took a while to make it over. When June 1 hits and I’m home for a long stretch, I’m sure we’ll find our way over for more cheese.

We do love cheese.

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